Win a $100,000 cash prize!!


Oprah Magazine is sponsoring a sweepstakes named the dream big sweepstakes in which YOU could win a cash prize in the amount of $100,000!!

This sweepstakes ends on January 31st, 2013 and each person can enter this sweepstakes once daily.  Each entrant must be a resident of the fify states and DC who are thirteen and older.

Click here to enter the dream big sweepstakes


  1. After working as a Professional Engineer for 42 years without any time off, except for vacation and sick leave. Looking forward to a better life to enjoy my remaining years. Will be 86, this month. With the economy the way it is, it takes all my pension money ($476.00 per month). Hope to have a little luck some day. Reason for my making these attempts. The above should show “no favoritism”. My doctor said I am in better shape now, than when he last saw me over 3 years ago. I am thankful fot that! From: Steve

  2. I would love to win becouse I would like to know the feeling I have never won anything and plus I’m haven my first grand baby and I would love to buy lots of nice things and to be able to get out of debt


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