Why do people love to enter online Disney sweepstakes?

Let’s face it, kids love Disney (both Disney World and Disney Land), and adults love to take them there..  Actually, let me retract that statement.  No matter how old you are, you can still be young at heart and have a love for Disney.  This can easily be seen by taking a trip to one of the Disney theme parks (People, both young and old come from all around the world and share their love for Disney and go on the rollercoasters, take pictures with the Disney characters, see Disney shows (like beauty and the beast or Cinderella and the seven dwarfs) and more).

Many people that love Disney end up buying Disney memorabilia in their gift shops, and love to celebrate anything Disney.  In their minds, the only thing better than buying Disney memorabilia is to win Disney memorabilia or anything Disney related.  This may help to explain why so many people love to enter Disney sweepstakes.  The grand prize winners of these Disney sweepstakes could win not only Disney memorabilia like I said before, but also other Disney themed products like e-gift cards to the Disney online store or hotel stays at any of the fabulous, luxurious Disney hotels!  Furthermore, they could win a trip for themselves and their family to Disney with planned activities or a week aboard a Disney cruise that features fantastic shows, the all too familiar Disney characters and great food and fun for the whole family!

As I said before, kid’s have a special love for Disney.  As soon as kids are old enough to watch movies and read books, their eyes and minds are engrained with the image of Goofy as a clever and eccentric dog or with Mickey Mouse waving his magic wand.  To the kids, Disney is a magical land where anything and everything can happen.  Because parents love their kids and would do anything to make them happy, some enter the Disney sweepstakes with the hopes of being able to surprise their kids with a trip to Disney.  For a lot of people who have been exposed to Disney since they were little kids, the love of it stays within them, and sometimes grows and grows.

Many of the people who love Disney and the history behind it with all of their heart, are serious Disney sweepers, and enter hundreds of Disney sweepstakes per day  (They also might enter other sweepstakes to win other things, but a majority of their time is spent entering these Disney sweepstakes).  Some have jobs, but others do not.  The ones who do not, make entering Disney sweepstakes along with a few other sweepstakes their full time job.  The ones who do have a job, enter the Disney sweepstakes when they get home from their job.  No matter whether these serious Disney sweepers have a job or not, they are able to enter so many of the Disney sweepstakes as to make sure that they win something that is Disney related.

Some serious Disney sweepers who love Disney a whole lot and who are lucky enough to win a trip to Disney through a combination of both luck and strategy plan their trip.  The reason that they plan their trip is so that they maximize their time to have the most fun.  Their are ten’s of thousand’s of people who leisurely walk around the theme parks, and do not really care when they get to the different roller coasters or shows that are offered.  In contrast, the people who plan their trips to Disney know what roller coasters they are going to hit at what time, how long they are going to eat for and more so they can get to everything in the theme park before it closes.

Am I making your eyes pop out of your head or your mouth water with excitement?  Well if I am, then head on over to our Disney sweepstakes, and try your luck at one or all of them.  You never know what you could win, and you might not be ready for the excitement you could have if you are a winner of one of these Disney sweepstakes!

Good luck, enjoy, and I hope you are a winner of a Disney sweepstakes, so that you can start getting excited about all the wonderful Disney themed products that they can present to you!!