Want to go on a trip to Disneyland? Try a Disneyland Sweepstakes

People always love to hear about Disney.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s Disney World, Disney Land, Disney gift cards or anything else Disney related.  Once people hear the word Disney, their ears perk up, their eyes widen and they raise their head to see what is going to be said about it.  This is especially true for kids.  In fact, one of the biggest, most fun surprises for a six or seven year old kid might be the moment in which their mother or father tells them that they are going on a trip to Disney.

Before I go on, let me mention that there are two Disney theme parks, Disney Land and Disney World.  Disney Land is located in California, while Disney World is located in Florida.  I mention this because most people that live on the east cast automatically think of Disney World when they hear the word Disney, and most people that live on the west coast automatically think of Disney Land when they hear the world Disney.  I just want to remind people that there are two Disney adventure theme parks.  Well, whichever Disney theme park it is, many people who want to go to Disney enter Disney Sweepstakes, and win trips to Disney Land or Disney World packs with tons of fun and entertainment.

Prices for Disney Land are exceeding ninety five dollars for a single ticket, so it is essential that people enter and try to win these Disney Sweepstakes.  Like I said before, many of these vacations include round-trip airfare, meals and entertainment such as multiple tickets to one of the theme parks or multiple tickets to one of the shows at Disney Land.  In fact, one of the Disney Sweepstakes, named the share the fun share the sun sweepstakes, is giving out four tickets to Cirque du Soleil as part of the grand prize.  The grand prize in the share the fun share the sun sweepstakes is to win a trip to Orlando for six nights and visit Disney World.  However, I already wrote an article detailing some free and fun activities to do at Disney World, so let me tell you about some free and fun activities to do while you are in Disney Land.