Sweepstakes to win $50,000 in cold hard cash!!

Sweepstakes to win $50,000 in cold hard cash!!

Sweepstakes to win $50,000 in cold hard cash!!


$50,000?  How does that sounds?  Sounds like it could help pay your bills or have some fun or plan a trip in this tough economy.  Well enter then and try to win the grand prize.

LENOVO is sponsoring a sweepstakes named the $50,000 SWEEPSTAKES AND INSTANT WIN GAME in which YOU could win $50,000!!  First through fourth place will each win a laptop and one hundred fifth place prize winners will each win a $15 Amazon.com digital gift card code.

This sweepstakes ends on October 2nd, 2011 and each person can enter once daily.  The sweepstakes is open to residents of the fifty states and DC who are eighteen and older.

Click here to enter the LENOVO – $50,000 SWEEPSTAKES AND INSTANT WIN GAME in which YOU could win $50,000!!


  1. Hello From Maine. I really could use this money myself. I can’t work hard enough to get ahead. This money would help me allot. Thank you

  2. i would like to be the selected one so i can pay my overdue bills , student loan and my new tuition to school as well as help my mom pays some bills i feel sorry for her she works almost 70 hours a week and night shift also

    thank you for the chance and hope to be the winner

  3. hello i am a diabetic that has big hopes and dreams that will probibly never come true now that my health has got worst i have a beautifull family a loving fience and a 21 month son i used to work really hard every day untill this diease hit me now all i can do is hope to win something like this to give my family what they deserve thank you for your time

  4. my name is mary i living in chicago illinois living in 2bedroom apartment with four kids now i try find buy a house for my kids now i need help now i likes to win this money for kids now


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