Sweepstakes to win $25,000 cash!!

Sweepstakes to win $25,000 cash!!

Sweepstakes to win $25,000 cash!!






RADIOSHACK is sponsoring a sweepstakes named the FREE PHONES FOR LIFE SWEEPSTAKES in which YOU could win $25,000!!  They want you want you to use the money to buy phones for fifty years at the estimate of $500 per year, but you could really use the money to buy anything.  Pay off some bills or maybe go on a vacation that you never really was able to go on.

The sweepstakes ends on July 30th, 2011, and each person has to be eighteen and older at the time of entry.  There is a limit of 100 entries.   To enter, you can make an in store purchase once per day, and online purchase once per day or entry through the RadioShack Credit Card (The Shack Card) application per person.  To enter without making a purchase or applying for a RadioShack Credit Card, complete the entry form available online at http://www.radioshack.com/FreePhonesForLife.

Click here to enter the RADIOSHACK – FREE PHONES FOR LIFE SWEEPSTAKES in which YOU could win $25,000!!



  1. All I need is $25,000 which is a ton to some like me, but not much to others. I am put myself in a situation with school that is unbearable and not I am paying the price, literally.


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