Sweepstakes to enter and win a prize of $10,000

by mark on March 25, 2012



ENERGIZER PERSONAL CARE is sponsoring a sweepstakes named the EDGE ENDOWMENT FUND in which YOU could win $10,000!!  One hundred and thirty people will each win $1,000.  Finally 130 people will each win a check for $50.

This sweepstakes ends on June 12th, 2012 and is open to residents of the fifty states and DC who are eighteen and older (19 or older if a resident of AL or NE; 21 or older if resident of MS).

For the sweepstakes, there will be 13 weekly entry periods, and people will be able to enter 25 times each day.  You will be required to enter a picture of yourself.

Upload a caption and a picture together.  The caption must be in .jpg, .gif or .png formats and may not exceed a file size larger than 5 MB in size.

Click here to enter the EDGE ENDOWEMENT SWEEPSTAKES in which YOU could win a check for either $10000, $1000 or $50!!

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