Online Sweepstakes and Online Coupons

As you probably already know (from coming to this website), thousands upon thousands of people enter sweepstakes everyday.  Why do so many people enter sweepstakes you ask?  The answer is simple and obvious.  People want to win what they can not afford.  Those who take sweepstaking (the act of entering sweepstakes) seriously (the ones who enter hundreds and even thousands of sweepstakes per week) have a better chance of winning thousands, hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions of dollars worth of prizes than people who enter sweepstakes occasionally.

Even though there are many people who enter sweepstakes, there are also many people who search for coupons.  Why do so many people search for coupons you ask?  The answer is simple and obvious.  People want to save money on their purchases.  Coupons can be found on the world wide web, in the store circulars and in the newspaper (I know what you are thinking.  The newspaper sounds so ancient, but many companies place coupons in the paper).  Just like in sweepstakes, people who take couponing (the act of searching for coupons) seriously, are able to save a lot of money on their purchases.

Even though coupons and sweepstakes share some of the same similarities, they are very different, and should not be confused.  In the following paragraphs, let me share some of the similarities and differences between sweepstakes and coupons.

One major difference between a sweepstakes and a coupon is that in a sweepstakes, you have to wait for the duration of the sweepstakes period to even be told if you have won anything.  Even after you have been told that you have won something (if you are lucky enough to be a winner), you usually have to wait six to eight weeks to receive the prize that you have won.  However, there is no waiting period for coupons, but instead you just print the coupon from the internet or cut it out of the newspaper.  With a coupon, you are instantly getting something to help you save money on your next store purchase.  The only way to instantly win a prize in a sweepstakes is to enter one of those instant win sweepstakes.

The next major difference between a sweepstakes and a coupon is that in a sweepstakes, the dollar amount of the prize will be substantial.  For example, a grand prize of a particular sweepstakes could be a brand new car worth $20,000 or a trip to the British Virgin Islands worth $5,000.  However, the dollar amount of the coupon that will save you money on your next purchase will be low.  Coupons usually save you only a few cents or a couple dollars at most on something.  For example, a coupon could be fifty cents off of your next shampoo purchase or two dollars off of your next oil change.

A final difference between sweepstakes and coupons is the designated area that they are both sponsored in.  Sweepstakes are usually offered nationally or to residents of more than one nation because they want all of their customers to know about their new product.  Often times, coupons are offered locally to residents of a few cities or a few counties, so that they could save money at their local stores.

As I said before, sweepstakes and coupons share similarities and differences.  As I have just shared some differences between the two, let me share with you some similarities about them.

One major similarity between sweepstakes and coupons is that they both help advertise a specific product and the company in general that produces the product.  For example, Chrysler will sponsor a sweepstake with a grand prize of a Chrysler 300 Hemi being given away, and they are hoping that people will remember the sleek look of that car and buy it when they need a new car.  Just like Chrysler might sponsor this kind of sweepstake, Proctor and Gamble might sponsor a coupon for a dollar off of a new line a shampoo they have just created, so that they can get people to purchase that product.

Something else that sweepstakes and coupons have in common is that they both try and build customer loyalty instead of trying to entice new customers to buy into their product.  It’s widely known that it is much harder for a company to attract a new customer than keep their current customers.  In the examples I used above, a Chrysler dealership would love for one of its customers to stay happy and conduct business repeatedly with them rather than trying to attract a new customer who will be hesitant with buying a Chrysler because they are happy with their current brand of cars, so they might offer the current customer some service coupons or a few free gas cards.  It is the same thing with Proctor and Gamble.  Let’s say you call them up and are unsatisfied with one of their new haircare products.  They might solve this problem by giving you a few coupons to save you money on your favorite product of theirs, so they can keep you as a happy customer.

You see, even though sweepstakes and coupons share similarities and differences, they can both be grouped in the same category, free/discounted items.  They are also both designed to advertise a specific product that is coming out, and the company in general that is producing the product.   As I said before, all you have to have is the time and the will to look for both sweepstakes and coupons.  You can find many of them online, in the newspaper and even in stores, so the next time you are looking to save money or get something for free, do yourself a favor and search for a sweepstakes or a coupon.