Have you ever traveled abroad, maybe to Europe or Asia?  Well, I’ve been to Europe, and one country that you definitely have to visit is England.  Big Ben, the House of Windsor and the Buckingham Palace are really sights to see.  However there are other pretty countries that you should also see.  One of these countries that you would want to see is Italy.  You could visit the Vatican and take a tour of the inside, or perhaps you would want to take a gondola ride in Venice and take a look at the beautiful houses and architecture that sit along the river’s.  If you do not want to do these activities, maybe you would want to go to the city of Milan to see the latest fashion trends, or maybe you would want to take a ferry from Italy to Sicily.  Well, whatever you would like to do in Italy, take a look at some Italy sweepstakes, and hopefully you could win a trip to Italy with some planned activities!