How To Take A Disney Vacation – For Free!

When you consider the best family vacation spots in the U.S., Walt Disney World and Walt Disney Land are probably near the top of the list. The iconic characters and imaginative rides combine to make Disney one of the most “magical places on earth” to visit. Unfortunately, all this fun can come at a high cost. When you consider airfare, park tickets, and hotel, the cost of a Disney vacation can be overwhelming.

The solution? Visit Walt Disney World for free! You can do this by finding free to enter sweepstakes where the prize is a Disney Vacation. There are many out there.  Visit our list of Disney Sweepstakes to find about them and enter to win!

Now let’s assume that you have entered all of the Disney Sweepstakes that you want to, but you have not won anything yet.  What should you do then?  If you said that you would stop entering them, you would be wrong.  You shouldn’t stop entering them because even though you haven’t won anything as of now, there is no telling if you are going to win something (ie. a family vacation to Disney) in the future.   If you want to slow down and not invest as much time into entering the Disney Sweepstakes as before, then that is perfectly ok.  There are still ways that you can plan on taking a family vacation to Disney World or Disney Land on a budget.

The first way that you can visit Disney World or Disney Land on a budget is by planning when you and your family will go.  Disney World or Disney Land is almost always busy, but there are times during the year that there will be more people visiting.  For example, during the holidays, there will always be more people in Disney World or Disney Land because kids do not have school.  It is the same thing with summers.  Families try and plan their vacations around the times of the year when their kids are not at school.  Because of this, the price of admission to the theme parks are jacked up during these times.  In order not to pay full price for a ticket, you should try to vacation on a weekend that you think most people will not go away (or even during the week).  Labor day weekend is also a holiday weekend that many families decide to go on vacation.  By not going to Disney World or Disney Land during any of the really busy times, you will definitely be able to save yourself a few bucks.

Another way that you can visit Disney World or Disney Land on a budget is by shopping around for different hotels.  If you go on to websites that compare hotels and their prices, you are bound to find a hotel with some great amenities at around the price you would want to pay.  As you probably already know, hotels increase in price as the number of stars that it’s rated increases, so a five star hotel will probably be much pricier than a four star hotel.  (In my experience, a four star hotel isn’t much different from a five star hotel in every aspect except price.)  Also, try to not book a resort at Disney World or Disney Land during the busiest times of the year.  You can save yourself a few bucks by not booking a luxury resort during the busy times of the year.  (It is the law of supply and demand, if many people book a hotel room during a given time of the year, the price of that hotel room will increase.)

Furthermore, if you can, try not to eat any snacks in the park.  If you can, try and wait until you are out of the park (for either lunch or dinner) and get a hot meal at a restaurant.  The reason I say that you should not eat at the theme park is because they jack up the prices of the food, and they know that people will pay for it because of the convenience factor (the convenience factor being that the food is right there, and you don’t need to go out of the park, while you’re having fun, to get it.)  Listen, I know you might have young children, but like I said, you will save a ton of money by not having any snacks at the park.  For example, if a family of four each have a hot dog and a drink totaling $10 per person, then that family could save forty dollars for that day if they forgo it.  Now, if that same family has planned a three day trip to Disney, but forgoes the hot dog and soft drink each day, they would be able to save one $120!  Wouldn’t you rather save that amount of money than spend it on some unhealthy food?  And savings for a family with more than four people could be significantly more (depending on the size of the family)!

A fourth way that you can visit Disney World or Disney Land on a budget is by not flying during the busy times of the year (this only applies to you if you are an out of state resident.  Of course, residents of Florida and California can drive to Disney World and Disney Land, respectively).  Airlines, like hotels and theme parks, jack up the prices during the busiest times of the year because they know people will pay more to get where they want to be.  If you plan ahead and know when you will take your vacation, you can book a flight that will cost much less than booking the same flight a couple of weeks ahead of time.

The last way that you can visit Disney World or Disney Land on a budget is by going in a group.  If you can get a group together, you will most likely get a discount on the hotel the theme park and the flight (depending on if you need one or not).

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Since you now know about how to take a Disney vacation for free or on a relatively inexpensive budget, why don’t you learn about some free things to do at Disney.