Free Sweepstakes to Win Home Furnishings – Why Should I Enter?

Have you entered any of the fabulous home furnishings sweepstakes from around the Internet?  Wait, hold on, let me back up because I am jumping way ahead of myself.  Before I even ask you that question, I have to ask you a more important question.  Do you own a home or a condo?  Or maybe you rent an apartment, or rent a room in someone else’s house. Or maybe even you are now starting to think about buying a home or renting an apartment. Well whatever you do, whether it is renting or buying (but much more so with buying), there are some questions that you have to ask yourself.  Some of the questions that arise might be what kind of neighborhood you plan to live in and if that particular neighborhood is safe or dangerous to live in, how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want your place to be, what square footage do you want your place to be, what kinds of amenities do you want near by (ie restaurants, gas stations, nightlife etc.).  If you have kids, it might make looking for a home or an apartment that much harder, and there might be more questions that arise like what kind of schools are around the area that you want to live (whether they are rated A schools, B schools or lower), if the houses where you are looking have yards for the kids to run around in and more.  However, the question that is too arise the fastest in someone’s mind is how much they are looking to spend.

Once you have thought of the answer to these questions, you should start looking for your perfect home or apartment.  It would help if you have a friend who lives in the area who knows if the area that you want to move into is a safe or dangerous area.  (For example, I am looking for a condo right now in the Deerfield Beach/Coral Springs area, and since my friend who lives in Deerfield Beach knows both areas well, he is letting me know which neighborhoods are fine to move into and which areas to avoid).  You could also call the police station and ask them about the crime rate in the area that you want to move into.  They are supposed to tell you this information, or if they can’t, they are supposed to let you know where you can find this information.  Furthermore, one of the best ways of telling if an area that you would like to move into is safe or not, is to drive around it yourself.  (If it is the middle of the work week, and you see people loitering on a street corner hiding their activities from the public, chances are that the area is not a good area.  Also if you bars on the windows, chances are that the neighborhood is not safe.  In contrast, if you see shops that are open for business and a lot of people in suits and ties in a specific area, chances are that it is a safe area).

As it comes closer to the date that you would like to move into the home or apartment, you should make an appointment with your realtor to go inside the potential home or apartment and look at how it is setup and whether it has the type of furnishings that you want (i.e. granite counter-tops, black wood cabinets or any other type o finishing that you would want.)  Make sure to make several appointments because you always want to have a few back ups if you do not like the initial one.

If you are looking for an apartment or a room to rent in someone’s house, this next step does not apply to you.  However, if you are looking for a home or a condo, then obviously you can sit on your butt because you have many more things to accomplish before you move in.  To be safe, you should start the process of looking for a mortgage a couple months before you want to move into your place.  The mortgage process involves shopping around, getting a pre-qualification letter, getting pre-approved and getting the final loan approval.

Shopping around involves going around to various financial institutions and seeing who will give you the best interest rate on a loan.  (Interest rates vary depending on supply and demand of funds (if a specific financial institution has more funds for loans than people who demand these funds for mortgage loans, the interest rate will go down.  The opposite will happen if the demand is greater than the supply.), monetary policy, inflation, credit score and more.

After you have received the final approval letter for the mortgage, you’ll need the lender to conduct an appraisal of the home or condo.  An appraisal protects the lender from the risk of loaning an unreasonable amount of money.  After the appraisal is finished and the loan is made, you might think that you are done, and that you can relax now.  However, there is still stuff to be done before you move into your new place.

Next, it would be smart to sit down and make a budget.  Now you will know how much monthly has to be taken off the top of your monthly salary to live in the home or the condo.  If you rent an apartment or a room in a house, you can do this also.  It would be very beneficial to know how much money you have left per month to spend and save after your expenses for your home or apartment are taken away.

After you have done made your budget, you have to think about which of your possessions you are going to take with you, and which ones you are going to leave behind.  (When the moving day comes, you do not want this on your mind.  If this is on your mind during moving day, you will just be wasting your time on money.  So do yourself a favor, and think about which possessions that you want to take with you before moving day comes).

Before moving day comes, you might also want to enter some home furnishings sweepstakes in the hopes of having a chance to win some nice home furnishings that you could place in your new home or apartment.  Now, all of us love to entertain people, and when our guests arrive at our place, we want them to come into a home or apartment filled with nice ornaments and furnishings.  We do not want our guests to walk into a home or an apartment that has the bare essentials or one that looks dark and dingy. What’s better, a place filled with light that has granite counter-tops, stainless steel appliances, beautiful hardwood in the living room and beautiful looking tile in the bedroom(s), or a place that only has a little bit of light with white counter-tops, old looking appliances and nasty looking carpet throughout?  I do not know about you, but I would definitely like to go with the place that has the granite counter-tops.

Before you enter these home furnishings sweepstakes, please make sure that you have the money in your bank account to pay for the taxes (if you are a lucky winner) that are associated with receiving the grand prize in these sweepstakes.  For example, you might be able to win a $10,000 IKEA gift card, but then have to pay a couple or a few grand in taxes.  I thought I should mention this because many people that enter any kind of sweepstakes do not think that they have to pay taxes associated with receiving the grand prize, or they think that the sponsoring company will pay the taxes for them.  This is simply not true because it says in the official rules of each sweepstake that the taxes are the sole responsibility of the winner.

Please do not the tax situation make you think twice about enter one of the home furnishings sweepstakes that SweepstakesMania lists.  There are many prizes that you could win that range from gift cards to furniture stores to a backyard makeover worth thousands of dollars!!

Good luck to all, enjoy and I hope all of you are winners of a home furnishings sweepstakes.