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Have you ever had hopes and dreams of traveling the world?  Most people have because they want to see new places and learn about new cultures.  (There are many exotic and beautiful places to go, and many great sights to see.  A few of the sights that you should see are the Vatican in Rome, the Palace of Versailles in France and Machu Picchu in Peru).  However, after you come back down to earth from having some dreams about traveling the world, reality sets in, and you start thinking about things like how much the trip will cost, how much vacation time will work give you for the trip, if work will even give you time off for the trip, how many months you will have to save for to take the trip and more.  Even though these questions will arise, let’s for now focus on how you will get to your dream destination.

Now, yes you could pay for the vacation that you want to go on, but there is a chance that you will not be able to afford it.  You also might start scrutinizing every aspect of the trip, and you might even start nickel-and-diming your whole trip.  This is not the way your dream vacation should be.  Instead, your vacation should be fun, and you shouldn’t have to think about trying to save money and/or get discounts.  So, wouldn’t it be much easier to take your dream vacation for FREETravel and vacation sweepstakes and contests can definitely help you out by giving you your dream vacation for FREE!!  With these travel sweepstakes and contests, you can go to Paris and see the Louvre or another one of your favorite museum’s, you can go to Milan and see the latest fashion trends in the fashion capitol of the world, you can go to London and see Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle or you can go to one of the many other exotic and lovely places and see the beautiful sights of that country.

People who like to enter travel sweepstakes, think that these kinds of sweepstakes only include trips to international or domestic cities.  However, these kinds of sweepstakes can include a cruise as a grand prize.  A cruise is a fantastic prize because all you have to do is board the cruise ship, eat until your heart is content, and rest and relax by the pool while one of the cruise ship attendants wait on your every need (OK maybe they will not wait on you hand and foot because they have thousands of other people to attend to.  However, they will bring you anything that you want).  Now, please do not misunderstand what I am saying.  I am not saying that a vacation to a beautiful, exotic, foreign country is a bad prize because it definitely is not.  I am just saying that a cruise is a great prize to win.  I also want you to realize that on a trip to another country or state, the sponsor sometimes schedules activities for you and your guests to participate in, and this kind of inhibits you from relaxing.  In contrast, there is nothing to do on a cruise ship except to spend time relaxing.  I want to tell you these differences so that you can do decide which kind of vacation sweepstakes that you would like to enter.

Have I enticed you to enter one of the vacation sweepstakes and contests, by letting you know what kind of grand prize that you could win?  They sound good huh?  Well if you are ready to start winning your dream vacation, then head on over to SweepstakesMania‘s list of travel and vacation sweepstakes and contests as soon as possible, and start entering some of them for your chance at winning your dream vacation!