Enter and Win Free Online Holiday Sweepstakes and Contests

Let’s go back to when you were a kid.  What was your favorite time of the year?  You know, the time of the year that you couldn’t wait for to arrive?  Chances are that you said that your two favorite times of the year were summer vacation or holiday break.  Why?  These times of the year were probably your favorite because you had no school during both and/or because you received presents during holiday break.  You also had no responsibility during both of these times.  All that you had to do was to go outside and play with your friends, and then come home for dinner and family time.

As you started growing up and getting into your teenage years, you still had vacation and holiday break, but you also started having more responsibility.  You might have needed to get a job to pay for you car, or to just support your spending habits.  You still had time to go and hang out with friends, but there was less time to do it because you had more responsibility.    Likewise, you were still surprised with gifts during Christmas/Hanukkah, (whichever one you celebrated) but maybe you were given less gifts because money was tight or because you had a job and your parents figured that you could afford your own things.

As you grow into your mid and late twenties, you realize that you have even less time to hang out with your friends.  You also come to realize that you have a lot more responsibility being that you have to find a job, cook your own food and start being self sufficient.  If you have a wife and kids, you also have to take care of them.  Furthermore, you realize that you do not have any more summer break or holiday vacation anymore, and instead only have a couple weeks of vacation per year.  For these reasons, you start to not have a favorite time of the year anymore.  Instead, the days kind of get smushed together.

On top of all this, you need to buy presents for your family, (finally, you have enough money to buy your parents and siblings some nice presents) and you might also want to take them on a vacation.  Just because you want to take them on vacation and/or buy them some nice presents, does not necessarily mean that you can afford to take them on vacation and/or buy them some nice presents.  If this is the case and you indeed can not afford to take your family on vacation, then some big named, nationally recognized companies would gladly love to help by having you enter one of their free travel and vacation sweepstakes for a chance to win a superb vacation!  Much more often than not, the grand prize will not only include airline tickets for yourself and a selected number of people in your group, but will also include a resort stay, activities to do for the duration of the time you are at the vacation destination and a gift card for travel related expenses (like food and car rental).

You might not be able to afford a vacation and thus might have to enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win it because life is expensive, and it is hard to have money for everything that you want.  If you do not budget your money right, it will be a matter of time before you go into debt.   Companies know this, and strategically plan to host their best sweepstakes and contests with the best prizes to be won during the holidays (the time of the year in which you have to spend the most money to buy presents for everyone in your family).  During the holidays, more people are willing to give out there information than during other times of the year in hopes of winning a sweepstakes, so that they can receive some extra cash or another great present that they wanted to buy themselves but didn’t because of their budget.  One bad thing though is that people are off their guard during their holidays more so than during other times of the year because they are in a festive mood, so they are able to be scammed more by other people claiming that they have won a certain sweepstakes.  Please be aware of this.

If you do win a holiday sweepstakes or a few holiday sweepstakes, then it might relieve some stress that you have of worrying about how you will afford all the presents that you want to buy your family members.  It will also probably relieve some stress that you have of worrying about how detrimental buying all the gifts will be to your bank account.

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