Enter and Win Free Gas Sweepstakes and Contests

Hopefully you read our enter and win a car sweepstakes page that will supply you with tips about how to win a car sweepstakes, and will also supply you with information about why companies offer sweepstakes.  If you did not read it, I suggest that you go back to that page and read it.  For the sake of this information that I am about to tell you, I am going to assume that you have read it.

Let’s also assume that right now as we speak, you are entering tons of car sweepstakes.  Furthermore, let’s assume that you have been informed that you have won a new car.  After discussing tax laws and how to reduce the amount of taxes that you will owe by taking ownership of the vehicle with your accountant and getting ready for the actual acquisition of the vehicle, what you want to do is look for sweepstakes that offer gas cards as prizes.  Now you could take ownership of the vehicle, and just pay for the gas costs yourself, but why would you want to spend more of your hard earned money paying for expenses related to owning the car, especially when you have to pay thousands of dollars to the IRS for winning the car?  Wouldn’t it be easier on your pocket to win a one hundred dollar gas card to BP, Chevron, Shell or Exxon Mobile?

Now, yes you could enter gas card sweepstakes upon gas card sweepstakes, and hope that you win something.  However, you should realize that the odds of winning are extremely against you.  The reason that they are extremely against you is because many, many people know about these sweepstakes, so there might be hundreds of thousands, even millions of entries.  With each entry, the odds of winning are slightly slimmer, and if you add all the sweepstakes’ entries up, your odds become virtually non-existent.  If you are comprehending what I have just told you, I now ask you on question.  Wouldn’t you want to enter some sort of competition in which the odds of winning are much more in your favor?

If you have said yes to the previous question, I invite you to enter one of our many giveaways that are listed on our giveaway linky.  In certain instances, giveaways are better than sweepstakes because the odds of winning a prize are much more in your favor.  The reason that giveaway prizes are much more in your favor is because a giveaway is usually held locally, and there are much fewer entries.  Even though I just said that giveaways are usually held locally, that doesn’t mean that they are always held locally.  I mean in some giveaways, residents of the whole United States and/or Canada are allowed.  Now I know I said this before, but I should stress that there are much FEWER entries in a giveaway.  The grand prize in a giveaway is also not nearly as glamorous as the grand prize of a sweepstakes.  For example, the grand prize of a sweepstakes might be a new car, whereas the grand prize of a giveaway might be a $15 gas card.   I should clarify that we do not host the giveaways on our giveaway linky.  Instead bloggers from around the country host them, and advertise them on the giveaway linky page.

From time to time, we have bloggers that host giveaways in which you can win a gas card, so constantly check our giveaway linky to see if their are any new giveaways to win some free gas cards

If you would like another avenue to view some great gas sweepstakes and enter to win some free gas cards for your new, spectacular car, then visit our list of gas sweepstakes that the SweepstakesMania team has compiled for you!