Enter Sweepstakes and Contests that you love

People love to win FREE things.  The prize, whether it is big or small, does not matter.  Now, we prefer a big prize, but just the fact that we know we have won something, gives us pleasure.  Again, the fact is that we LOVE winning.  However, there are many different types of people out there, and each person does not like the same sweepstakes.  This means that there are many different types of sweepstakes for many different types of people.  Some people might like to enter pet sweepstakes because they love their pet(s), and they will do anything to make their pets happy.  Other people might love to enter sport sweepstakes because they refuse to miss a game of their favorite NBA, NFL or MLB team.  Yet another person might like to enter shopping spree sweepstakes because they love to buy and wear new clothes, and without a shopping spree gift card (that is if they win a shopping spree sweepstakes), they might go broke from buying all the new clothes.  This is what makes horse racing.  However, I think we can all agree that a majority of us love to enter cash, car, vacation and electronic sweepstakes.  In the following paragraphs, I will explain why sweepstakes’ lover’s love entering cash, car, vacation and electronic sweepstakes.

Cash Sweepstakes are entered first by the sweepstakes community because money is a major concern today, and people always want more of it.  This is just the American way.  Have you ever heard someone say “I’m comfortable with the current amount of money I make.  I don’t care about making anymore?”  I haven’t, but instead I have heard people say that they are not happy with their current income level, and have to make more money to support their lifestyle or to support themselves, their wife and their kids.  However, people can not exactly tell their boss that they need a bigger annual salary.  Because you can not exactly tell your boss that you need a bigger annual salary, cash sweepstakes can actually help to supplement your income (if you are lucky enough to be a winner).

Car Sweepstakes are a close second type of sweepstakes that members of the sweepstakes community seem to love.  Why?  It’s simple.  People need cars.  They are essential and indispensable to us.  (The only place you do no really need a car is in a big city because there is so much public transportation.)  They take us from point A to point B, and most importantly, they take us to our jobs which we need to make an income.  If you did not have a car, how would you get around to see your friends, or do any of the many, many other things that having a car allows us to do?

Many of us love to travel and see new places, so travel and vacation sweepstakes are a type of sweepstakes that many members of the sweepstakes community are into.  However traveling is starting to get very, very expensive, so wouldn’t it be great if you could go to an exotic place that you have always dreamed of going to but have never been to on another person’s dime or better yet, a companies dime (in this situation).  If you go on vacation on another person’s dime, you will not have to make sure that you can afford it.  Furthermore, you will not have to live like a scrooge and count every penny before the vacation (like you would if you payed for it by yourself.)

People also love electronic sweepstakes because they have a chance at winning the latest electronics that are sold in stores, and you know how much people love their electronics (the iPhone 6 sold millions of phones within a couple of hours of its release).  Certain electronics, like cars and vacations, have become very expensive.  Therefore, if they want to buy the latest electronic gadget that is sold, people have to budget to buy it.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be one of the few to say that you have a particular electronic gadget that cost hundreds or even a couple thousand dollars?  (Well you could be on of these people if you enter one of the electronic sweepstakes.)

Even though these are four of the best types of sweepstakes that there are, does not mean that you should disregard the other types of sweepstakes and not enter them.  These are just sweepstakes that people take a glance at first.

Also, just like in any other sweepstakes, grand prize winners of these kinds of sweepstakes have to report their winnings on their taxes.  Have a chat with your accountant about the best way to pay the taxes on your winnings, and please have the money in your bank account to pay the taxes because you do not want the IRS to levy late fees.

Good luck and enjoy checking some of these types of sweepstaks out, and I hope you become a winner of one of these fabulous sweepstakes.  You can also go on SweepstakesMania’s Facebook page to check some of these sweepstakes out as I post there as well.